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Stefano is a freelance reporter, currently writing for Famiglia Cristiana, one of Italy’s largest and most circulated weekly magazines. For over 10 years, he has been a Boston correspondent and producer for Italy’s national TV network RAI. He produced more than 600 “Italian-angled” news stories and features from New England and from around the United States for RAI’s international channel, RAI Italia, broadcast to over 60 million viewers of Italian origins or of Italian descent living outside of Italy. He also assisted, and occasionally still does, RAI’s main correspondents in producing news stories and special reports during major news events. He came to Boston in 1996 to earn a master’s degree and fulfill a lifelong dream of being a journalist. Stefano’s work can be viewed on his personal website, www.stefanosalimbeni.com.

247 Drums founder Sergio Bellotti

Sergio Bellotti inside his Winchester store.

“I was fired for love,” recalls musician and teacher Sergio Bellotti from behind the counter of his brand new drum store in Winchester, Mass. It happened in the middle of the ocean, aboard the cruise ship he was playing on, at the hands of the bandleader he was playing for. A native of Bari, the capital of the Apulia region, he was a professional drummer from Italy who had never set foot on American soil. “A telex had come with a message for me, and at a time of no cell phones, when international communication was super expensive, when a ...

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North End institution Angelo Cattaneo of Caffe dello Sport


Angelo Cattaneo seems to have made all the right choices early in life — or a least the ones he sticks to. His wife of 55 years, Rosita, to start with; his neighborhood, the North End of Boston, where he has been living no-stop since 1962; even the choir he sings in, the one at St. Leonard Church (formerly Sacred Heart, then forced to move after the parishes consolidation in the early 2000s) he joined a couple of months after moving here. “I was walking down Hanover Street [the neighborhood's main thoroughfare] when I heard singing voices coming out of ...

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A Call for Unity to Italian Americans of All Ages – Editorial


Italians and Americans of Italian heritage changed this country and we keep changing it — mostly — for the better. However, the past and the present for us do not always mix.

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Italian Wine’s Strong Showing at Boston Wine Expo 2012


Stefano Salimbeni reports from the Boston Wine Expo 2012.

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A Kick Back in Super Bowl History


In 2002, Italian American kicker Adam Vinatieri delivered on the final play that would send the New England Patriots into history.

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St. John School in North End Celebrates an Italian Christmas

Children at the Italian Language School at St. John's.

St. John School in the North End celebrated this past Christmas with mass in Italian, followed by a party based on panettone and other typical Italian foods.

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Tracking Our Carbon Footprint: Leonardo Bonanni and SourceMap


Italian researcher Leonardo Bonanni has come up with SourceMap, a mapping system that can track production sources and the total carbon footprint of any product.

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Fishing Crisis and Sustainability – Sicilian Region Comes to Boston


A report for RAI International's "Italia Chiama Italia" highlighting the arrival in Boston of a delegation from the southern Italian region of Sicily.

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Violinmaking Tradition: From Cremona to Boston


Lute makers from Cremona visit Boston, where violinmaker Marco Coppiardi has been living and working for the past 20 years.

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Medford Residents Weigh In on New Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti


RAI correspondent Stefano Salimbeni asks Medford residents what they think of the new Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti.

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Nepi (Viterbo) Band Visits Portland, Maine


A musical band from Nepi, near Viterbo, visited Portland, Maine, in August.

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Zucchero: Interview for RAI Italia


Interview with Adelmo “Zucchero” Fornaciari, just before his Boston show on Oct. 29, 2011, at the Berklee Performance Center. Aired on RAI International’s Italia Chiama Italia on Nov. 3, 2011. From Boston by STEFANO SALIMBENI Filmed by GIANNI GALLO Edited by LUIS GONCALVES Video in Italian.

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